Why Is Your Website Not Readable On Mobile Yet?

Why is your business listed on the 3rd or 4th pages of the SERP’s? Why are people searching for your company but can’t find you on their mobile phones? How come your business doesn’t have a mobile app yet? Small and Medium Sized Businesses need to work harder if they want to compete with Fortune 500 Company’s. East West Hosts can help. With our Digital Marketing and Mobile Marketing solutions, we can increase revenues and help build businesses. So what are you waiting for? Call us now and let us help. With our amazing mobile and online marketing solutions guaranteed to increase your conversions and turn casual browsers into paying customers.

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Not Being Online Means Losing Customers

Web Hosting at it's finestYou Need A Mobile Responsive Website

A mobile responsive website displays your site correctly on any device. Since over 60% of all Internet browsing is done on a smartphone, it’s important that your users are not scrolling left and right to display your menu or see your images.

Generate Better Numbers

Market to your clients on social media and through mobile apps to build brand loyalty. Higher conversions rates generated by an effective Digital Marketing plan will deliver profitable benefits for you and your business in terms of higher revenues.

Build Your Website Masterpiece

Having a website is like opening the door and inviting potential customers into your business. A beautifully designed website acts like a beautifully designed brochure that showcases your business and what you can do 24/7. Every business needs a mobile friendly, secure website to build trust with potential customers and help turn those numbers into conversions.

FAQ – Your questions? We got answers!

How can East West Hosts help my business?

We use the principals and rules of the internet as a foundation to develop a multi-channel strategy for your business.

What kind of web hosting plan do I need?

Depending on the size of your business website, we offer plans that grow along with you. The more you grow the more your site will.

What can a Mobile App do for my business?

Having your company live on your customer’s phones and engaging your customers with Push and SMS technology can quickly distance you from your competition and build loyalty. The easier it is to interact, the more business you will generate.

Does your team design and maintain website as well as host them?

Yes we design and maintain custom websites from simple blogs to large and complex eCommerce sites.Take a look at some of our work.

How long does it take before I can see results from a Digital Marketing campaign?

Because most campaigns are looked upon as an investment in your business’s online future, results can begin to be noticed from 3 months from the start of a campaign.

Will East West Hosts give me a guarantee on my results?

No marketing company can give you a guarantee. If they do you should probably look for another company. If any Internet marketing company promises guaranteed results, stay away! Check out this article that explains why.

How does East West Hosts form a custom strategy for my business?

We measure the performance of different marketing customer touch points to determine which techniques are the most effective for your business. We believe the basis for this begins with a proper SEO campaign

Will developing an app for Android and Apple cost more?

We develop our mobile apps to run on both platforms at no additional charge to you.

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