Business Owners Need A Web Host With A Fast And Reliable Network

Every small business should have a website with reliable web hosting. Why? Because the majority of your potential customers are looking for services and products online, and businesses that don’t have a website are losing clients. A slow site can lead to an increased bounce rate and down site, well… You want to provide customers with a great experience.

There are plenty of cheap choices out there that will waste your time and money when it comes to fixing issues. Remember, you get what you pay for. Don’t let cost be the deciding factor for your businesses success. At FLYWHEEL Hosting you get a reliable network, topnotch security, automated backups, expert support, most importantly peace of mind.

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Wordpress Websites

The most versatile CMS on the planet

We specialize in WordPress, which makes us the experts. Our network and servers are specially optimized for WordPress installs including caching at the server level and managed security. No need for additional plugins that just slow down site performance.

SSL Certificates

Bring your own certificates or use ours

Use our certs to encrypt the sessions between your customers and you. Use them to sell your products with confidence and rank a little with Google. They like that sorta stuff!.


Your site is backed up every night automatically

Full nightly backups and one-click restores let us all sleep soundly at night. You can also take snapshots right before you update that plugin or theme. Just in case.

Content Delivery Networks

Make your site speedy from the other side of the planet

Making your site crazy fast is what we do best. But add a CDN to the mix and watch your site scale to a million hits per day worldwide. No caching plugins involved.


Manage work flow in a team environment

Give access to your organization so they can update sites created by other team members. This makes the process more efficient

Grow Your Brand Your Way

Impress your customers with a beautifully designed, secure e-commerce website done by East West Hosts. We take care of the site design mockup; you approve it, and we’re ready to rock. You sell it, then let Amazon ship it with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) integration. Get professionally done Shopify integrated sites without all the hassel of trying to learn everything yourself. Over 377,500 stores are powered by Shopify, we can make your business the next big seller. With Shopify done by East West Hosts, we make it easy to build and manage your online store.
Shopify Everything you need to sell online

FAQ – Your questions? We got answers!

What is managed WordPress Hosting?

Making your site secure, fast, and always up to date. We handle caching and security on the back end so there are no plugins to install and your site remains speedy.

Is my website backed up?

Yes, backups are made of your site nightly and can be restores manually at a moments notice without our intervention.

How can I get an SSL Certificate for my site?

We provide SSL Certificates that will protect your site for free straight from your web hosting dashboard or you can purchase one from a 3rd party and we’ll install it for you free.

Can I make changes without creating havoc on my live site?

Yes, create a staging site and perform updates, changes, test and when your confident that it’s all good, push them to production with a single click.

Is my site protected from viruses and malware?

We work hard to make sure your site remains malware and virus free. If it gets hacked, we fix it for free.

What is SSL?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a way of keeping the data that your customers send to your website safe from eavesdroppers.

Will I have SFTP access to my site?

Yes and if you’ve managed many sites before and had multiple sftp logins in a spreadsheet, those days are over. One login for all your sites.

Can I integrate with a CDN to make my site faster around the world?

Absolutely! You can add a CDN directly from your web hostingdashboard. A global CDN reduces latency and provides a faster loading of your website. Your clients across the sea will thank you for it.

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