Market To Your Customers Through Your Mobile App And Create Brand Loyalty

Question: How many Americans have smartphones? Answer: 68%. Question: How many Americans have tablets? Answer: 45%. Your business needs to take advantage of those incredible numbers. You can advertise to and target a more accurate segment of your industry and change your relationship with your customers. The rise in mobile-phone usage means that smartphone apps have become a key marketing tool for companies of all sizes, including small businesses. Ad value by interacting with them on Mobile.

If you think having a mobile app is only for big brands with big budgets, Think Again. We can design a mobile app that will showcase your products and services, so you can market effectively to your customers.

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Mobile Apps

Build An App And Create New Relationships With Your Customers

    • – Increase Your Visibility
    • – Generate Repeat Business
    • – Build Relationships
    • – Enhance Your Social Networking Strategy

A Mobile App Can Be An Important Foundation For Brand Loyalty

    • – Increase the frequency of In-Store Visits
    • – Let local users find your store with Location Awareness
    • – Integrate social media to bring attention to your brand
    • – Notify users about sales, coupons, offers, and events through push notifications
Mobile Advertising

Increase Your Apps Success With Mobile Advertising

    • – Increase your rankings in the app stores
    • – Double your app’s installs with a proper app ad campaign
    • – Use App Store Optimization, ASO, to help promote your apps
    • – Increase the app retention rate by promoting everywhere
    • – Make your app interactive and engage customers on social media

Mobile Analytics Gives You The Insight On Your App’s Performance

    • – View the way users use your app
    • – Measure your app’s downloads
    • – See what devices your app was installed on
    • – See where they are geographically located
    • – See how many page views and user sessions your getting

FAQ – Your questions? We got answers!

What are the benefits of having a native mobile app for my business?

Having an app for your business keeps your business’s name on the minds of your customers and it allows you to communicate with them regularly. It also allows users to communicate with each other creating a social environment. If you are still only focusing on your desktop and mobile websites than you are really missing a huge customer base that can only be tapped into through an effective mobile app.

Can a mobile app access my website?

Yes it can. We build apps with integration in mind. From displaying your blog to making purchases from your Shopify store, an app can transform casual browsers into loyal paying customers.

Ok so now I have a mobile app? How do I get people to download it?

Now it’s time to promote it just like any new product or service that you offer. We give you a special QR code that you can put on your in store ads and website. Customers can scan your code and go directly to the app stores to download.

It sounds good, how can I find out more?

Give us a call or fill out the email form and we’ll be in touch to show you how you can join the East West Hosts family!

I thought a mobile app was expensive to produce?

Having a mobile app is not as expensive as you think. We work with small businesses that don’t feel that they have the budget but see the benefits. If your looking to build an app so that you can compete in the mobile market than we have solutions that can get your in the game.

Can I create a Loyalty Program using my app?

You certainly can. You no longer have to print Loyalty Cards for customers to lose. It’s built right into your app! Send them coupons an let them share in special events all from your app.

How can I tell if having an app is helping my sales?

You can view your statistics in our back office. We also provide you with reports highlighting your app performance.

Can having an app help my connect with customers on socail media?

One of the best tools a business has for getting feedback about its products and services, as well as allowing users to interact with their peers is through social media. Having a mobile app makes it easy for businesses and consumers to interact anywhere and anytime.

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